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FIFA World Cup 2018: Strong Portugal will be in front of Morocco, Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the

World Cup 2018, Portugal vs Morocco: Preview

Russia: After the defeat against Iran in their opening match, Morocco’s team will be on the field with the intention of snatching victory from Portugal in the second match of the FIFA World Cup, which will be held in the World Cup. Could open Morocco had lost 1-0 to Iran in their opening match, while European champion Portugal had stopped the 2010 champion Spain 3-3 from star player Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick.

Portugal will try to dominate Morocco entirely in the second group match. In such a situation, Morocco must undergo pressure on Ronaldo’s team’s defense by any means.

Morocco has defeated its first match in Morocco

In the first 20 minutes in the first match against Iran, Morocco showed excellent attacking power, but his forward was weak and for this reason he failed to score goals. For Morocco, matches against Portugal can be even more difficult because they do not have Norin Amarrath. Due to injury to the head, Amartya Bandyopadhyay will not be able to get along with the team in the second group match. In such a situation, the challenge for the second-level group-stage for Morocco is very big.

Portugal will have to make their defense stronger

Although Portugal may be a strong team, but it has been clearly seen in the match against Spain that they need to strengthen their defenses, because Spain had scored three goals in the process of defending his defense.

Morocco’s own mistake in the defeat against Iran was its own mistake. The team opened the account of Iran by making a suicide goal. When the match was heading towards the goalless, in-patient time (in the 95th minute) Iran got a free kick which Ehsaan Saji Saifi sent inside the box. Aziz Bouhadouz of Morocco, standing in front of the goalpost, wanted to send the ball out through the header, but unfortunately he hit the ball inside the goalpost, and Iran got the win without any effort.

It is clear from this that it will not be easy for Portugal to break Morocco’s defense and he can not be dependent on Ronaldo every time. It is clear from the first group matches of both teams that Portugal needs to defend their defense and Morocco on their own attack, then the match played at Luzhniki Stadium on Wednesday will be exciting.

If Portugal wins this match, then they will almost certainly make their place in the last-16 stage, while Morocco will not only open the account with victory in this match, but their hopes of staying in the World Cup will also be alive. Morocco would like to repeat the history of winning the 1986 World Cup match against Portugal in this match. He defeated Portugal 3-1.

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